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Mental Well-Being Increases Productivity While Reducing Costs

TAO At Work

TAO Connect for Employers provides a digital platform designed to help enterprises support employee mental health, resilience and wellbeing. Working in partnership with employers and employee assistance programs (EAP), TAO Connect provides 24/7 accessible, evidence-based digital mental health programs to help employees manage and improve their mental health and wellbeing. The platform’s comprehensive suite of e-learning sessions equips employees with tools and educational materials to help them thrive, creating healthier, more productive workplaces.

TAO is a trusted leader in digital mental health, providing online solutions to over 200 organizations in North America. Our easy-to-use platform delivers evidence-based digital tools that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, giving employees the help they need, when they need it.

Employees can choose content customized to their needs to manage their mental health. In just five sessions with TAO, employees will see a reduction in symptoms and clinical improvement across a range of behavioral health challenges including depression and anxiety. For employers, this translates to reduced health care costs, increased productivity and lower absenteeism and turnover

The Business Imperative for Supporting
Employee Mental Health

The business case for providing employees with mental health resources is impactful from a financial, operational and societal perspective. Consider that:

  • 1 in 5 Americans have a mental health condition
    45% of providers do not accept insurance
  • 56% of people suffering do not receive treatment
  • 45% of individuals said cost was a major barrier
  • Depression ranks among the top three workplace problems
Benefits of TAO Connect for Employers:
  • Provides employees with 24/7 access to innovative, effective evidence-based e-Learning and mental health support resources
  • Accessible through a desktop or smart device
  • Anonymous and confidential
  • Cost-effective for employers
  • Removes the stigma of mental health support in the workplace
  • Enhances overall employee happiness, wellbeing and productivity
  • Helps businesses create a culture of mental health support
  • Complements corporate wellness programs
The cost of these issues for businesses continue to mount, resulting in:
  • Employee burnout, disengagement, increased absenteeism and poor job performance
  • $80 – $100 Billion in indirect costs to employer
  • Global economic losses of approximately $1 trillion annually in productivity because of depression and anxiety

Training and Education

With TAO Connect, employers can provide employees with interactive e-learning sessions that teach individuals coping skills for stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, relationship problems, pain management, substance abuse and more. Resources can be delivered as a single session, on-demand strategies or short courses.

TAO Connect for Employers also features The TAO Assistant, an AI chatbot that guides users through the platform for a personalized experience specific to their needs. Employees’ usage of these modules is confidential to protect the privacy of the individual.


TAO Connect for Employers offers online professional development sessions that HR departments can assign to individuals and groups. These sessions include topics such as effective communication, identifying strengths and values, mindfulness, problem-solving, and others. Employees can earn badges to show proof of completion.

Find out how TAO Connect for Employers can help you incorporate digital health strategies to support and promote employee mental health.