A Broken System

  • 1 in 5 Americans have a mental health condition
  • 45% of providers do not accept insurance

  • 56% of people suffering do not receive treatment

  • 45% of individuals said cost was a major barrier

  • $80 - $100 Billion in indirect costs to employers 

  • Depression ranks among the top 3 workplace problems


24/7 Digital Solution

  • Convenient - Online Behavioral Health Solutions
  • Private - Stigma is Removed, Utilization Increases

  • Improve Outcomes & Mental Well-Being

  • Increase Productivity 

  • Absenteeism & Presenteeism Decrease

  • A Positive ROI - High Value, Low Cost Benefit

One Benefit, Real Results

Employers are including TAO as a benefit to provide employees with user-friendly online behavioral health solutions. The evidence-based digital tools can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere . . . giving employees the help they need, at a time that is convenient for them. The interactive e-learning modules teach individuals how to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, relationship problems, pain management, and substance abuse. Each treatment consists of 6 to 7 modules. When committing about 15 minutes a day, a treatment can usually be completed with 6 to 9 weeks.