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Online therapy available for students

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The changing face of on-campus therapy

University Business


Combating Rising Construction Industry Suicide Rates

Commercial Construction & Renovation


Quick Tips For Calming Anxiety When You’re Freaking Out

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The CWC introduces new mental health resources

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TAO Connect extends partnership with University of South Carolina

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New Simulation Helps Faculty Prevent Students From Struggling In’kognito’

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What To Do When You Feel Homesick

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Improve your mental health from home

Crows Nest St Pete


Quick Tips For Calming Anxiety When You’re Freaking Out

Refinery 29


TAO Connect: What if a Computer Could Help You with Psychotherapy, Alter Your Habits.
Psych Central.


TAO Connect Launches Mind Elevator Tool to Alter Thinking Habits Using Machine Learning Technology.
Daily Herald.


Students to gain easier access to mental health resources.


Colleges Get Proactive in Addressing Depression on Campus.
The New York Times.

What this St. Pete med tech firm will do with $1.5 million in angel funding.
Tampa Bay Business Journal.

How Some Colleges Use Teletherapy to Reach More Students.
The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Award Abstract – SBIR Phase II: An Intelligent Mental Health Therapy SystemNational Science Foundation.

Professional Psychology: Research And Practice.

Students Alleviate Anxiety, Depression With Online Therapy.
FIU News.

How Incoming College Students Can Mind Their Mental Health.
U.S. News & World Report.

Students Flood College Mental Health Centers.
The Wall Street Journal.

TAO Connect, Inc. is committed to reducing mental health disparities by bringing affordable, effective, and accessible treatment to people who have had limited access in the past.

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