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If you are seeking help and would like to work with a therapist online, contact your college counseling center. They are happy to assist you. Some centers also have the option of self-help TAO where you can work on the modules independently. If your center does not have TAO, mention that you would like to have it on your campus.

What is TAO?

TAO is an online platform that allows you to access high-production value psycho-educational modules that will help you learn strategies, techniques, and tools to reduce and cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and a number of other common concerns. These modules feature live actors in scenes, animations, interactive exercises, and integrated logs and journals.

The platform features an entire Mindfulness Library of exercises to calm your mind. Built in video conferencing that is HIPAA compliant and encrypted from end-to-end for your security allows you to meet your therapist online.

How can TAO Help You?

The platform allows you to have access to therapy resources anytime, anywhere for anxiety, depression, and other common concerns.

Daily practice logs provide an easy and accessible way to practice new skills daily so that new healthy habits are formed and old less functional habits are reduced or eliminated. As a result, you feel better, faster.

You can learn mindfulness meditation, relaxation strategies, learn how to challenge cognitive distortion, positive psychology skills, and much more. You can meet your therapist privately, online without having to show up at the counseling center, saving time in your busy schedule.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise

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