TAO allows a private practitioner to be more efficient, to reach distance clients, to increase your client’s engagement in their therapy and provide a mechanism for accountability. Many clients are not engaged during the time between sessions: Therapy Assistance Online provides the online tools to allow your clients to engage and make progress in an integrated, easy to use platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TAO allows you to offer secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing sessions for distance clients. 

TAO Pricing - Single Therapist

For more information:
Call Alex at 844.438.8262 Ext. 1050
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  • Complete our short online registration form.
  • One of our helpful TAO team members will contact you to answer any questions for you.
    • They will send you the TAO user agreement for review and signature.
    • And arrange for payment of the set-up fee and ongoing usage.
  • Review and approve the user agreement.
  • Complete the TAO online training courses.
  • You're ready to go! 

TAO is available as a monthly subscription and includes online training and live ongoing support. Please click the appropriate button below to get more information about TAO, sign up for a demo, or buy TAO.