At TAO Connect, Inc. we have a wonderful group of people who are excited to use their skillsets to help others.

Bob Clark, Chief Executive Officer, portrait

Bob Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned software developer and veteran healthcare executive with more than 25 years experience leading healthcare and IT companies. He most recently served a tenure as CIO for a leading FL medical group where he helped grow the company from $20M in revenue to nearly $1B over six years. Bob is a co-founder and managing partner with the Center for Neurosomatic Studies in SW FL.

Sherry Benton, Chief Science Officer/Founder, portrait


Chief Science Officer/Founder

Creator of TAO, Dr. Benton is a retired Professor Emeritus and a former counseling center director. She is the Vice President for Practice for the Society of Counseling Psychology (Division 17) of the American Psychological Association and has been a psychologist and mental health care administrator for 22 years and a former President and President Emeritus of the Academy of Counseling Psychology.

Alex Arosenius, Client Engagement Manager, portrait

Alex Arosenius

Client Engagement Manager

As our Client Engagement Manger, Alex will probably be your first interaction with TAO! She has a Masters degree in Aging and Neuroscience, a bachelor’s and strong background in business, and a love for working with people. She has done research in the field of psychology and neuroscience and has a passion for mental health. Alex is a graduate from the University of Florida and University of South Florida. Because her skill sets and passions are utilized at TAO, Alex expresses that she has found the perfect job for her. She also loves working out and adrenaline-inducing sports.

Landon Canida, Information Technology Director, portrait

Landon Canida

Information Technology Director

Over two decades experience providing systems engineering and technology support in mental health, higher education, and aerospace industries. He started his career in the United States Marine Corps and subsequently has worked for world class organizations such as Yale University and SpaceX.

Shelly Clark, Client Engagement Manager, portrait

Shelly Clark

Client Engagement Manager

Over 15 years experience in sales, management, business development and fundraising.  Shelly has worked with clients across multiple industries including healthcare and education.  She recently held a Development Office position at St. Petersburg College Foundation with a main focus on fundraising.  She holds a Masters Degree from the University of South Florida. 

Yueng De La Hoz, Data Scientist, portrait

Yueng De La Hoz

Data Scientist

Computer scientist with a focus in machine learning. He is in charge of developing machine learning algorithms for the Tao Connect platform. He finished his undergrad in Electronics Engineering, then switched to computer networks in his first master, and now he is almost done with his Phd in Computer Science and Engineering. He loves all things related to machine learning specially deep learning applied to computer vision problems.

Christina Echevarria, Executive Assistant, portrait

Christina Echevarria

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant, Human Resources, Travel Planner and Moral Support Extraordinaire. Christina is the enthusiastic right-hand woman to the President and CEO in the St. Petersburg office. With a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, she is passionate about mental health and generally being a total psychology nerd. Lover of the outdoors, health and wellness, gardening, travel and the warm Florida weather!

Tyler Hall, Client Engagement Manager, portrait

Tyler Hall

Client Engagement Manager

Client Engagement Manager, Account Representative, TAO point of contact. Tyler brings a lifelong passion in making a positive impact on people’s lives. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration. Tyler utilizes his experience in sports sales and relationship building skills to make the implementation stage of TAO a pleasant and joyful experience. Loves sports, nature walks, assisting conservation efforts, and enjoying life!

Danielle Heslep, Graphic Designer, portrait

Danielle Heslep

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and 2D Animator for TAO Connect, Danielle has enjoyed creating and drawing ever since her early childhood. Her skill sets include illustration with both digital and traditional media, design layout, visualizing and creating concept art, creating and animating 2D characters, photography, writing, and composing music. Danielle greatly values that her work and passion for art and design can be used to assist others in improving their quality of life.

Kyle Maharlika, Technical Project Manager, portrait

Kyle Maharlika

Technical Project Manager

Fledgling software developer with a focus on data science. Passionate about social justice, computer science, and the intersection between the two. His lifelong mission is to effect positive social change by solving problems with technology.

Susan Powers, Client Success Manager, portrait

Susan Powers

Client Success Manager

Business Development Coordinator with more than 20 years of experience. Susan is an entrepreneur business owner and most recently the Director of Communications with TruVitals, Inc. a startup developing a Zero Contact Vital Signs Monitor to the veterinary market. She brings a diverse skill set that includes being a licensed pyro technician.