• Increased Counselor Capacity
    With low intensity/high engagement treatment, 3 clients per hour instead of one
  • Decreased Counselor Time
    10-30 minutes per session instead of 50
  • Decreased Cost Per Client
    Less time per patient, lower cost
  • Increased Client Engagement
    Patient education tasks are provided online instead of in the therapist office
  • Increased Accessibility
    Available anytime, anywhere, very brief sessions can be conducted via videoconference or phone
  • Increased Accountability
    • Therapist dashboards monitor client engagement and progress
    • Administrative dashboards display aggregate results for a clinic
  • Increased Time On Task
    Practice is encouraged daily and throughout the week.  Educational modules are divided into short sessions allowing clients to engage in learning and practice throughout the week.
  • Better Outcomes
    Increased engagement leads to better outcomes

Image of eager-looking college students lined up looking at the viewer.

How TAO Helps Universities

  • Better mental health = better retention
  • Expands capacity with existing staffing levels
  • Decreased Cost Per Client
  • Allows access for same state distance learners
  • Services provided by your counseling center therapists

Today’s Challenges

College and University Counseling center challenges

  • 88% of directors report students may not receive timely treatment
  • 79% students not in crisis are seen less frequently
  • 75% no weekly appointments
  • 73% staff work over time (most without compensation)
  • 35% waiting lists


  • More severe pathology
  • More students seeking services
  • Demand for distance learners
  • Students with busy schedules
  • Rationing treatment resources
  • Reaching students who’s culture does not encourage psychotherapy