Patients/clients who are unable to access treatment because of cost, travel time, daycare problems, inability to get time off of work, or stigma may find TAO low intensity/high engagement fits their life and their needs better than traditional face-to-face treatment.

Interactive Patient Education Modules decorative icon


TAO provides interactive patient education modules online, available when and where patients need them. Skills and strategies can be reviewed and practiced throughout the week. Daily practice logs provide an easy and accessible way to ensure that new skills are practiced daily so that new healthy habits are formed and old less functional habits are reduced or eliminated. As a result, clients feel better, faster. 

Therapist Dashboard decorative icon


The Therapist Dashboard summarizes client activity in TAO. Clients are aware that the therapist has a dashboard. Most people tend to adhere to new behaviors when there is accountability. We stick with a new exercise regime, or diet, or other health habit best when we’ve told others about our intent and elicited their support and accountability. So the dashboard both helps a therapist track the client and encourages the client to engage more in practice throughout each week.

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TAO includes a weekly progress measure, the BHM-20® from Celesthealth. Research has shown that measuring progress several times throughout treatment, and reviewing the results in the therapy sessions leads to improved outcomes. 

What DO Clients & Patients Say About TAO?

Before, anxiety controlled my life...Now my anxiety motivates me to make a change...I recognize the feeling and take care of it.
— Anonymous TAO Client
I’ve been able to really focus on what I was doing rather than worrying about things outside the present moment. Nothing about my situation has changed, but the stress I’ve been feeling isn’t impacting me in the same way.
— Anonymous TAO Client