Celesthealth Behavioral Health Measure 20®

TAO has licensed a reliable measure of outcome that is integrated in the platform and is completed by clients on a regular basis. Taking 90 seconds to complete electronically, the BHM-20® is the briefest measure of complete behavioral health available. It is unique for the efficiency and comprehensiveness in which it assesses behavioral health.

The BHM-20® is a 20-item client-report questionnaire that assesses the three phases of behavioral health:

  • Well-Being (distress, life satisfaction, motivation)
  • Psychological Symptoms (depression, anxiety, panic disorder, mood swings associated with bipolar disorder, eating disorder, alcohol/drug abuse, suicidality, risk of violence)
  • Life Functioning (work/school, intimate relationships, social relationships, life enjoyment)

Additionally, it assesses positive psychology with the Personal Effectiveness Scale. The BHM-20® assesses the most frequently seen problems in outpatient psychotherapy. To read more research about the instrument visit http://www.celesthealth.com/research.asp